How do I redeem a coupon?
To redeem a coupon on our Quick Checkout page, please enter the code into the Coupon Code field using all upper-case letters. Once entered, please click GO. Your discount will be automatically calculated and reflect within your subtotal.

If you receive an invalid or ineligible coupon error message
  • The purchase may not meet the requirements to use this coupon
  • The coupon code has been entered incorrectly
  • The coupon has been used previously or has expired
If so, please verify your purchase qualifies for the promotion and that the code was entered correctly using all upper-case letters. If you are still having difficulty, please contact us at customerservice@interstatemusic.com or 1-800-462-2263 so we may assist you. Interstate Music will always give you the best price!
Are there coupon or special offer usage restrictions?
Special Offer restrictions may apply to some items due to vendor pricing limitations. Coupon code and other special offer discounts cannot be used in conjunction with Bid Pricing, Institutional Purchase Orders, Special Orders or any other discount offer. Other restricted items may include but are not limited to Cascio Interstate Music Gift Cards, Acer, AKG, Ampeg, Antoine Courtois, Armstrong, Avanti, Bach, Benge, Besson, Buffet, C.G. Conn, Canon, Charvel, Crown, DBX, Digitech, DW Drums, Emerson, EVH, Fender, Fox Products, Fuji, Fulltone, Galway Spirit Flutes, Gemeinhardt, Glaesel, Hartkee, Henri Selmer Paris, Holton, Ibanez, InFocus, Jackson, JBL, Keilworth, King, LeBlanc, Lexicon, LG, Ludwig, Mackie, Magellian, Mesa/Boogie, Microsoft, Musser, Nikon, Nintendo, Noblet, Olympus, Pacific, Prelude, Presonus, Samson, Scherl & Roth, Schreiber, Selmer, Shure, Sony Playstation, Squier, Tama, Vito, William Lewis & Son, XBox, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Zoom, timpanis, mallet keyboard instruments, string instruments, large brass, "what's the deal?" items and others. Cascio Interstate Music reserves the right to restrict the items that may be purchased through a discount or coupon promotion at any time. Coupons, Gift Card offers and Special Offers are limited to 1 per person and exclude prior sales. If you are unsure if an item qualifies, please contact us at 800-462-2263 or customerservice@interstatemusic.com for our best price.
I have an account, a sign-on and password from Interstate Music's previous website. The new site won't let me sign on. What's wrong?
There is a known issue with some user accounts from the old web system that did not migrate properly to the new system. The easiest and fastest solution to this problem is to simply create a new account on this system. From the login screen, click the Register button. It's very quick and very easy. Please note, the new user names do not need to be your email address. The password must be 6 characters and contain letters and numbers.
My Profile can store a lot of information. Is my information secure?
The simple answer is YES! We use secure socket layer encryption when any personal data is exchanged between InterstateMusic.com and you. This is an industry standard procedure and is very safe.
How Do I place an Order Online?
To place an online order, simply shop the website by typing what you are looking for into the general Search box, using our Catalog Item # search function or by navigating the department menus on the top of the screen. When you find the item you want, click Add To Cart. You will see the items and the total price of our order at the top right of your screen. When you've selected all of your products, click View Cart to review the items and quantities. Then click Quick Checkout. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your order. It is very safe and very convenient.
I've placed an order and want to know the status of the items I ordered. How do I do this?
To check the status of your order, please check your email. As the order processes, you will receive emails that contain notifications and tracking numbers.
I have an APO/FPO Address. Can I place an order?
Yes, absolutely. Simply use your standard APO/FPO shipping and billing address, select country U.S. and state AP. Applicable international shipping rates may apply.
Do you accept school Purchase Orders on the website?
At this time, we do not accept school purchase orders on the website. To use a school purchase order, please call our customer service center toll free 877-213-2580.
Do you accept Money Orders COD or check as alternative payment?
Yes. Although we do not accept alternative payments online, we will accept a Cashiers Check, Money Order or Personal check for the full amount of your purchase. (WI residents must include applicable sales tax) All alternative payment orders will be fulfilled upon verification of the check clearing the bank. No COD's! More information is available in the online order form. Download an ORDER FORM
I have a gift card. Can I use it on the website?
Yes. At the Quick Checkout Order Summary Screen you may enter the number on your gift card into the field following the Phrase "Gift Card No:". Click "Apply To Order". You will be discounted the full amount of the Gift Card or as much of the cost of your order will allow. Only one gift card can be applied per order at this time. If wish to only use a portion of your Gift Card or have two Gift Cards you must order by calling our customer service center toll free 800-462-2263.
I have the NAMM Card. Can I use it on the website?
Yes. If you have a NAMM Card that you would like to use for payment on your order, be sure to select "NAMM Money Card" in the pulldown menu next to "Credit Card Type" You may also make NAMM Card Purchases by contacting our customer service center toll free 800-462-2263.
I can't find an item on your website. What's the best way to search?
The Power Search feature is in the center of the website at the top of your screen. Type in the item you are looking for. If you are unsure of the spelling, type in only the first 3 or 4 letters. If you are familiar with Search, you can also access our advanced power search from the search results page.
I forgot my password. How do I recover this information?
If you have a username and password on this new web system, you can easily receive your password via email to the email address that you have registered in your account. Click [Login] on the left hand bar, and click [Forgot Password?] on the login screen. Enter your username into the box and click [Send me my password]. Check your email for the lost information. If you have a username and password from the old Interstate Music system, and the new system will not allow you to log on, please click [Register] and set up a new account. It is very easy and very fast.
I want to ship my order to my work or other address. Can I do this?
For your protection and ours, most of our orders must ship to the address that matches the billing address on the credit card you are using. If you would like more information or would like to coordinate an alternative purchase option , you can contact customer service by email or by phone 800-462-2263.
Do you offer Drumsticks in Bricks or other bulk quantities?
For information on bulk quantities of drumsticks or other supplies, please contact our customer service center toll free 800-462-2263.
There is a free shipping promotion, but there's a shipping charge on my order at checkout. Why?
The most common cause of this problem is there may be an item in your cart that is not eligible for free shipping. Only items that can be shipped regular ground without oversize charges are eligible for our free shipping campaigns. There is also a minimum order for free shipping. If your order does not exceed the minimum dollar amount to qualify, shipping charges will calculate on your order. Click Here for Shipping Details.
I am interested in an item that says Phone/Email For Price. I already know the price. How do I put this item in my shopping cart?
Some of our items have restrictions on what price we publish. Rather than charging a higher price, we simply ask that you allow us to email you the price or tell you the price over the telephone. To put an item that is [email for price] in your cart, click on the link inside the email that you received with the price.
The picture of the product does not match the description. Why is this?
In some cases, the exact image of the product may not match the description when you use the pulldown menu to select a different color, size or, model etc... Because of the amount of products we offer online and the availability of some items, we are simply not able to provide photos of every single available product. Sometimes, just one color or size is chosen to be photograhed to represent that group of products. Rest assured that what you are seeing is the closest representation of the product available and you will get precisely the color, size and model you've ordered according to the description you are seeing when you checkout.
Why do many of the Drum Sets you offer show hardware in the photos if it is not included?
Drum sets, individual toms and some Percussion products are typically photographed with hardware (stands) and cymbals in order to provide an appealing representation and to demonstrate how the drumset would look in a playable state. Many of the photos are professionally taken and provided to us by the manufacturer. It is not our practice nor is it the practice of our Manufactures to mislead or decieve our customers. This is simply the best way to provide our customers with an image that can best portray the Drum Set. Please read the descriptions carefully as some Drum Sets include hardware and some DO NOT. We will deliver precisely and only what is stated in the description of the item you purchase. "Hardware" refers to, hi-hat & cymbal stands, bass drum pedals, snare drum stands, and drum thrones.

A drum set purchase can be expensive and is very personal to some drummers. Our call center has some of the most well-informed and experienced drummers willing to help guide you through your next Drum Set purchase. Its in our best interest to get things right the first time. If you have any concerns, doubts, or require clarification on the details of a drum set, please call 800-462-2263.