Pacific PDSP500 500 Series Dual-Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

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PDP hardware is designed by industry leader Drum Workshop, a company that has been solving hardware problems since 1972. The PDP 500 Series Bass Drum Pedal delivers exceptional quality and engineering. It features a sleek, racing-inspired footboard, and a Dual-Chain Drive with Offset Cam for improved torque. It comes standard with a PDP Two-Way Beater, built-in spurs, Side Adjustable Toe Clamp, and a built-in drum key clip. And this pedal’s Infinitely Adjustable Spring Rocker allows you to precisely customize your beater stroke. With the 500 Series Pedal, it’s easy to dial in your own personal playing style.

  • Two-Way Beater
  • Dual-Chain Drive with Offset Cam
  • Drum Key Clip
  • Side Adjustable Toe Clamp
  • Three-Position Stroke Adjustment

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