Yamaha Double French Horn - Set Bell

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July Rebates - Free $20 Cascio Music Gift Card Rebate with Band and Orchestra Purchases of $149


Leadpipe taper
The taper of the leadpipe improves response and intonation throughout the instrument

The wrap of this model allows for a more comfortable hand position and smoother air flow

Nickel silver inner and outer slides
The use of nickel silver inner and outer slides ensures better fit and less chance of corrosion because nickel-silver is harder and more durable than brass

Tapered valves
Tapered valves wear for a long time without leakage

Adjustable 4th rotor thumb lever
The 4th rotor thumb lever can be adjusted to fit any hand size from small student hands to large adult hands

Easy response and sure note centering
The ease with which this horn may be played makes it ideal for students

Excellent sound in all registers
The combination of the secure high register, strong projection, and quick attack of the Bb horn with the rich, warm timbre of the F horn make the double horn ideal for most playing situations

Available with detachable bell: YHR567D or with attached bell: YHR567

  • Key: F/Bb
  • Bore: .472"
  • Bell: 12-1/8" yellow brass bell produces a slightly bright and intense sound
  • Bell throat: Medium
  • Valves: Four solid rotary valves
  • Water key: The water key on a horn expedites water drainage
  • Clear epoxy lacquer: Microscopic, electrically-charged particles of lacquer are attracted to and deposited evenly on the surface of the instrument carrying the opposite charge. This produces an exceptionally thin, uniform coating that can be oven-hardened for maximum durability without compromising the instrument's sound. The sound produced is a solid, somewhat harder sound than silver-plated finishes
  • Gold brass leadpipe: Extremely resistant to wear and corrosion

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