C.G. Conn Model 8D Double French Horn, All Nickel-Silver

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CONNstellation - F/Bb .468" (11.89mm) bore, 12-1/4" (311mm) large throat bell, all nickel silver, tapered rotors and bearings, fully mechanical change valve, adjustable levers, lacquer finish, 7BW mouthpiece, plastic hardshell case. Full five year warranty.

Through the early part of the 10th century, Conn instruments continued to be popular with professional orchestras. In the late 1930s, Conn developed a new French horn that has linked the Conn name with professional double horns to this day: the CONNstellation Model 8D.

The 8D is a large-throat, all-nickel horn designed in the Krüspe style, with the change valve positioned in front of the rotor cluster.

The CONNstellation 8D is the most listened-to horn in the world. It remains the horn of choice in the Los Angeles recording studios, a favored position it has held since the beginning of the modern movie industry. Its rich, full tone can be controlled even at dynamic extremes, one quality that continually makes the 8D the clear choice of leading orchestral horn players. It offers impeccable response, flexibility, reliability and undoubted professional status.

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