The Art Of Playing With Brushes DVD & CD by Steve Smith & Adam Nussbaum

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Adam Nussbaum had come up with a fantastic idea for an educational DVD. Since all drummers have their own distinctive way of playing with brushes, it would be fascinating to film a number of drummers playing brushes to the same tempos and feels. This way you'll have a direct comparison of how different players approach the same tunes. He zeroed in on a number of different feels and tempos incorporating 4/4 swing, ballads, 3/4 time and Latin. Since we wanted all the drummers to play along to the same tracks, we enlisted jazz veterans, guitarist Vic Juris and bassist Jay Anderson, to record the tracks. During a whole day at Jay Anderson's upstate NY studio 17 tracks were recorded. 7 different tracks are used for the DVD but we made sure we had enough tempos for a state-of-the-art, 17 track, play along CD to include with the final package. What remains is the gargantuan task of viewing the footage, taking notes and organizing an edit of all of this valuable information. This DVD will be a vital resource for all drummers, which will never go out of style. The information is timeless and priceless. Also included is bonus material in the form of historical footage, essays, listening lists, a play along CD and more.

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