Monster Guitar Method Instructional DVD - Volume 2

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This interactive instructional series is designed to give the most complete guitar lessons possible. All the tools are provided, choose your lesson from the instructional booklet, learn from watching the DVD then jam-along to the CD of practice songs that were designed specifically for the lesson(s) you just learned. This comprehensive series gives you the knowledge of a seasoned professional while utilizing tools such as on-screen graphics, split screen viewing of right and left hand close-ups with notation, color coded strings, and "follow the bouncing ball" style graphics, Online help and direct access to the instructor is provided, allowing students to email the teacher with questions and connect with other players through message boards and live chat rooms. The Green Monster Music series to equivalent to attending music school, while allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Volume Two Covers:
  • Moving or "transposing" scales into different keys
  • Playing blues licks and funk rhythms
  • Advanced rhythm reading and playing is covered up to sixteenth notes
  • Learn chord changes
  • Major and minor chord harmony
  • Parallel minor keys

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