Reason 3.0 - In-Depth Beginner Level, DVD

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Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs
Medium: DVD
ISBN: 1423424344

Whether you're laying down song ideas or working out complex arrangements, Propellerhead Software's Reason has proven itself to be the production environment of choice among many of today's electronic musicians. With its sophisticated integration of drum machines, samplers, soft synths, mixer and effects modules, Reason 3 is capable of stunning results. The realistic user interface is remarkable, and more than visually appealing, it actually helps you understand signal flow and how audio devices are connected. Reason is in a class of its own, and with this training tutorial, you'll know all you need to know to master it - and fast! In this DVD, you'll get up to speed quickly on Reason's capabilities and functions. You'll learn the basics of sequencing and see how to construct a MIDI sequencing track using all of Reason's onboard synthesizers, signal processors, samplers and drum machines. In the Effects & Mixing segment, you'll learn how to apply virtual effects as well as how to work with Reason's on-board mixer to fully develop your track. Along the way, you'll receive many valuable tips and techniques, including how to use Recycle, and integrating Reason with ReWire so you can run Reason within your favorite DAW application. 93 minutes.

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