Acoustic Masterclass Series: Laurence Juber -- Acoustic Guitar Essentials, Vol. 1 DVD

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Two-time Grammy® winner and the former lead guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings, Laurence Juber is the premier solo acoustic guitarist of his generation. Fingerstyle Guitar magazine's "Guitarist of the Year, " Juber was also chosen as one of the top guitarists of all time by Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Juber aims this 2-DVD set of lessons at guitar players who would like to expand their options by learning the musicality behind the act of playing. As Juber describes it, he would like this DVD to be viewed as a "resource for guitarists " which describes advanced musical concepts that many musicians may be familiar with by ear, but not necessarily by name. By progressively explaining these concepts, Juber guides viewers through the sometimes intimidating study of music theory.

Guitarists who work with this DVD will gain a better understanding of what they're playing, especially in terms of how notes work together and chords are constructed. Viewers will also be better equipped to tackle Juber's more advanced repertoire pieces, both on the 2nd DVD of this 2-DVD set and his best-selling Solid Air Records DVD The Guitarist.

This DVD package features six hours of footage, including Solid Air's trademark multi-angle viewing feature. Viewers can choose between three separate camera angles at any given moment during the DVD (the traditional view of the artist, as well as close-up views of both the artist's left and right hands), making it possible to breakdown each and every note played.

As a special bonus, Acoustic Guitar Essentials also includes a 30 page PDF document with all of the songs and lessons, beautifully transcribed by Juber himself (in both TAB and standard notation). Lessons include "Theory 101, " "Cycle of 5ths, " "Minor Keys, " "Inversions, " and "Left Hand Technique. " Songs covered include: Greensleeves * Along the Way * Lunar Eclipse * When Harry Got to Heaven * Private Dick.

By Laurence Juber
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Series: Acoustic Masterclass
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Format: 2 DVDs
Instrument: Guitar

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