Mathias Thoma Model 20 Cello Outfit 4/4 Size w/ Prelude Strings, Wittner Tailpiece, Bag & Glasser Bow

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The perfect combination of quality and affordability makes this cello the top choice for any student! It’s also an extremely versatile instrument, making it an ideal addition to your rental stock! The experts in our New York shop take great care in setting up all of our instruments and this is no exception! Assembled in our affiliate workshop overseas, the Mathias Thoma 20 cello is finished with a reddish brown nitro lacquer finish to make the cello durable. It is constructed with Euro-Style Laminated Spruce top and a Euro-Style laminated Maple back and sides and is assembled with Ebony fittings. Setup with a maple bridge and a Wittner-style metal tailpiece and  strung up with D’Addario Preludes. The Cello is protected with a heavy duty Cordura bag.  Included with the instrument is a Glasser bow and American made rosin.

Every Instrument from the International Music Cafe is Setup and Inspected in our Violin Specialty Shop in NY, USA & is Ready-To-Play with Tuned Strings, Cut Bridge, and Rosined Bow.

  • Made in our affiliated workshop overseas
  • Reddish brown nitro lacquer finish
  • Euro-style laminated Spruce top
  • Euro-style laminated Maple back and sides
  • Ebony fittings
  • Wittner-Style metal tailpiece
  • D’addario Prelude Strings
  • American Rosin
  • Cordura Bag
  • Glasser Cello Bow

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