Primacoustic Vox Guard VU Nearfield Attenuator/Isolation

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The Primacoustic VoxGuard is a portable acoustic screen designed to reduce the ambient noise around a microphone when recording. This helps to eliminate excess echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during mixing or post-production.

The VoxGuard features high-density open cell acoustic foam that provides maximum absorption throughout the vocal range. An extra large high impact ABS outer shell keeps unwanted noise out, while innovative slotted ports prevent excess bass buildup and resonance commonly associated with stand-mounted absorbers. Once mounted, a rear access cable port allows any hand held or studio microphone to be articulated and directed at a specific source. The VoxGuard has been updated for 2015 and now features a window that allows the vocalist to maintain visual communication between the engineer, producer or other band members.


  • Controls ambient space around microphone
  • Delivers articulation and clean vocals
  • Easy attachment to microphone stand
  • Threaded mic stand adapter and knurled ring included
  • Includes window for clear sightlines

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