Portastand Super Sidekick 2-Way Extender Arm

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On every team, there’s a coveted spot in the shadows: the unexpected secret weapon, the end-of-game ringer. The “not quite” superstar who might have spent a little too much time watching Netflix in lieu of mastering tower-to-tower cape flight. Not to mention the infamous public grappling hook incident of 1983, which we no longer talk about.

Our Super Sidekick accessory clamp isn’t quite at the “music stand” level of local lore, but it is the unlikely hero of your musical setup. The Super Sidekick doubles the capacity of the standard Sidekick, with two extendable nickel-plated 5/8″-27 mic threads instead of one. Its foam-protected mechanism attaches to almost any mic stand, tripod, or cymbal stand on the market. So whether you’re mic’ing up a hi-hat stand with a Gooseneck, running backing tracks off of an iPad via Universal Tablet Mount, or using a Telescoping Mic Boom Arm over your snare drum, the Super Sidekick saves you tons of space and just plain looks awesome doing it.

Compatible With:

  • Troubadour, Commoner, Minstrel, and Protégé music stands
  • Extend-A-Leg Mic Stand
  • Universal Tablet Mount
  • Telescoping Mic Boom Arm
  • Gooseneck

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