Black Diamond Strings Stoppin Speaker Isolation Pads - 4-Pack

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Stoppin Isolation pads de-couple speakers from their surface and prevent speakers from vibrating out of position, or worse completely off their surface.

Stoppin's soft touch and flex design, greatly reduces the transfer of bass frequency to a speakers surface, limiting false responses and sounds.

Placement is a breeze. Simply arrange a four corner dispersion pattern under your speaker and you're done. For titled applications, simply place an additional pair under each corner.

A Stoppins individual design allows you to use and re-use them without any modifications. No "cutting to size" is necessary. Stoppins fit every speaker, in every space, on every surface. They fit any where a speaker can.


  • Prevents speakers from vibrating off stands/shelves
  • De-couple speakers from resting surface, reducing the transfer of false bass frequency
  • Fits every speaker, in every space, on every surface
  • No waste. No cutting or trimming to fit narrow locations
  • Safely stack speakers on top of speakers
  • Aesthetically clean and beautiful
  • Low profile design keeps visual emphasis on your speakers
  • Made in Sarasota, Florida USA!

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