Manhasset 3200-U Universal Tablet Holder Music Stand Mount

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#3200-U (fits on a Manhasset music stand shaft) and #3200-UM (for mic stand) The MANHASSET Universal Tablet Holder is adjustable so it will fit all sizes of tablets. The MANHASSET Universal Tablet Holder is made in the USA and made of high quality injection-molded ABS and Glass-filled Nylon. One (1) year warranty.

  • The model 3200-U works with professional software that transforms a MANHASSET music stand shaft/base unit (sold separately) to a digital music stand - bringing music and technology together.
  • The Tablet Holder's "V" shaped lower support holds the tablet firmly and securely, and the upper hook and twist-lock easily secures it in either orientation - portrait or landscape. The orientation can be changed quickly if desired.
  • The tilt mechanism permits one-handed adjustment of the tablet's viewing angle. When used with the MANHASSET shaft/base combination, the tablet can safely be positioned anywhere from 32" to 55" high (center of Tablet Holder)

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