IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

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iRig™ Mic Cast is a quality condenser microphone, specifically designedto record vocal speech, in a compact enclosure with a stylish formfactor, that plugs directly into any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Nowanybody can make professional audio recordings for podcasts andinterviews – even live broadcasts – anywhere. The iRig Mic Cast plugsdirectly into the 1/8-inch mini jack on the iOS device, and it features aclip that holds the mic in place on any iOS device. When used withiPhones or iPod Touches, the on-the-go user can hold it with just onehand. iRig Mic Cast also comes with a handy detachable tilted tabletopstand for easy desktop or podium operation. The microphone itself has anadjustable tilt angle for optimum positioning. It also has a cardioid(unidirectional) polar pattern and a very effective pop filter for closemiking of the human voice. The mic has a continuous gain control tohelp the user easily achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio and a tonecontrol to adjust the color of the recording. The integrated built-inheadphone output allows for real time monitoring.

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