Mel Bay 21116DVD Joe Morello & Danny Gottlieb's Natural Drumming: Lessons 3 & 4 DVD

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The extraordinary "NATURAL DRUMMING" series, featuring master drummers Joe Morello and Danny Gottlieb, continues with this insightful, candid and information-packed DVD. Developed by Joe Morello through his own studies with legendary percussion masters George Lawrence Stone ("Stick Control"), Billy Gladstone, and Joe Sefcik, the second DVD in a series continues to illustrate Joe's technical approach that promotes Natural Body Movement without tension. LESSON 3 combines the full stroke (illustrated in Lesson 2) with the second important wrist stroke, the HALF STROKE, and features Stick Control variations. LESSON 4 introduces 2 controlled strokes, the DOWN STROKE and the UP STROKE and features a demonstration of levels for control of dynamics.

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