150+ Acoustic Hot Licks - Arlen Roth

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Features: More than 150 totally unique acoustic licks careflly taught to you, in detail, by Arlen Roth. Double-stops, roll patterns, pick & finger style, advanced bending, arpeggios, harmony runs, turnarounds, banjo, dobro & pedal steels, and chicken pickin'. "Arlen Roth's 150 Acoustic Hot Licks is plain and simple, Amazing. He just sits with his acoustic and runs us through some awesome licks, some you may know and some will definitely be new to you. If you don't learn something from Arlen's lesson, you must be an amazing player already. Even though this is called an acoustic tape, most of these will translate easily to electric and sound terrific. You can't lose buying this one."(63 min. w/ 52 page book)

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