Ed Shaughnessy and Clem Derosa Big Band Drumming DVD

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Taste, Time, Technique & Timbre

In this must-have DVD for every ensemble drummer and band director, world-renowned drummer Ed Shaughnessy and conductor-arranger Clem DeRosa take you through a survey of jazz, swing and Latin styles from the drummer's perspective. Through live performances, demonstrations, and insightful discussions based on decades of professional experience, they reveal: the "Four T's" (the essential role of time, taste, technique and timbre in successful musical performance) - the do's and don'ts of effective brushwork, fills and dynamics - swing, shuffle, Latin and ballad drumming techniques. Every style and concept is illustrated by a live big band performing Clem and Richard DeRosa's classic arrangements propelled by Shaughnessy's impeccable drumming, followed by concise analysis and drumset close-ups.

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