No Nonsense Jazz Guitar - Jimmy Bruno

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After years of playing with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, Buddy Rich and more, has taken a permanent place as one of the Jazz World's top young guitarists. He has lightning fast chops but never substitutes speed for melodic content. On these videos, Jimmy shares valuable guitar knowledge he has garnered over years of experience with sincere enthusiasm and his infectious sense of humor.

He covers: his approach to ii/V/I progressions, understanding arpeggios, fingerings, visualizing scales, traiing hands & ears to work together, using scales against different chords, working with notes outside the scale, cisualizing the guitar as a piano, the note of resolution, altered dominant possibilities, pedal patterns, melodic minor scale, natural picking techniques, breaking the up and down picking habit, adding bass lines to chords, unique turnarounds, melodic cells and an introduction to 7 string guitar. Jimmy masterfully reduces these difficult topics into terms that any student of jazz guitar can easily utilize. This 2-volume video could also be titled "Everything you wanted to know about Jazz guitar but were afraid to ask" or maybe "This video and a fake book are all you'll ever need". Seriously, Jimmy has managed to cover all the fundamentals of playing the instrument in this video. Not only that, his method of learning scale and chord fingerings are so simple as to be innovative. Throughout, his easy conversational style and the excellent videography make this video a joy to watch.

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