The Bodhran Beginner Method DVD by Steafan Hannigan

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Steáfán Hannigan's new DVD takes you through every stage of learning the bodhrán. If you're a complete beginner, he will show you how to hold the instrument correctly to develop the best sound and technique. If you're more experienced he'll show you how to progress form traditional Celtic dance accompaniments to more contemporary rock or world music rhythms. Topics include: Choosing drums and sticks Good stick technique Reels and jogs starting at absolute beginner level Using hand styles Hornpipes, marches, skip jigs and polkas Using simple exercises and examples, Steáfán makes learning this most distinctive of Celtic percussion instruments a uniquely enjoyable voyage of discovery! Includes over 20 minutes of music featuring a full Irish band that you can play back with or without the bodhrán player! Listen, learn and then play along with the band.

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