Music Alive's Marching Music - How to Be Outgoing, Oustanding & Out Playing in the Marching Field - Book

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Few spectacles can match the excitement of a marching band in a football stadium with fans. Whether it's high school, college, or a highly competitive “drum & bugle” corps, it's always exciting, it's always energizing, and it always builds friendships like you never had before!

In this book, you can read about the different types of bands and the wide variety of instruments you might play. You can discover what it takes to design and learn a marching show. You will know how to get ready, what to expect when you try out, and how bands are organized for success.

Marching Music: How to Be Outgoing, Outstanding & Out Playing in the Marching Field will make the marching band experience real for the middle school and junior high student. It will let him or her understand what goes on behind the scenes, how much fun it can be, and what kind of options are available in high school marching band and beyond.

The book will also be very helpful to the first-time band parent who wants to know what their child commits to when he or she joins marching band. They can learn the benefits and the challenges and help their child to be successful whether in marching band or in life. School administrators who do not have a marching band background will find this book explains the ins and outs of marching band, its organization, and requirements in basic terms.

Publisher: In Tune Books
Format: Softcover
Author: Richard Breske
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ISBN: 9781480302532
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