Yamaha 14X9 Piccolo SFZ Chrome Hardware Marching Snare Drum w/ RM-TVHMSA Monoposto Carrier, Case, & Stand - Blue Forest

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The new 14” x 9” Piccolo SFZ (Sforzando) marching snare drum is a full three inches shorter in depth than the standard Yamaha SFZ snare drum. With a short 9" shell depth for a quick snare response, the drum offers a lightweight six-ply birch shell for a clear, articulate projection. The drum shell is manufactured using the unique Yamaha Air Seal System, which ensures the shell starts round and stays round.

Renowned for its distinctive sound, wide dynamic range, and explosive rim shot, the SFZ (Sforzando) marching snare drum incorporates structural innovations that permit the use of a high-tension Kevlar® drumhead. Years in the making, the SFZ was developed and perfected in field tests under the rigors of actual use with The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps and numerous indoor percussion ensembles. The design offers powerful projection, precise articulation and durable performance.

Maple shells with its performance proven through the numerous DCI championships and High percussion awards won by Yamaha supported marching ensembles, has been chosen for the shells. Original Yamaha high-pressure air bag shell forming technology creates maple shells that exhibit sharp attack and wide dynamic range for complex, expressive sound. The high-pressure air bag shell forming process is an original Yamaha technology that employs evenly distributed air pressure to produce shells that are perfectly round with even thickness throughout. The result is superior tone with excellent attack and projection as well as high durability.

For urgent drumhead changes, the strainer system allows for quick and easy removal of the snare assembly. With the use of FiberTech™ snares, a crisp and articulate sound is obtained while ten independently adjustable strands allow for precise tuning control.

The butt-side strainer uses aluminum die-cast construction for strength without excess weight, and has vertical adjustment capability for a precise setting of snare height. This also houses the independent adjustment for each FiberTech™ snare gut. The release-side strainer uses parts made of die-cast aluminum and durable nylon for a smooth, noise-free operation. An oversized vertical adjustment knob allows adjustment to snare height even when snares are engaged. For a precise setting of the snare tension, the horizontal adjustment knob is within easy reach of the player.

RM-TVHMSA Monoposto Carrier
This snare carrier design features all the latest innovations in adjustability and comfort. The articulating back support (ABS) helps the spine stay aligned and helps distribute the weight of the drum more evenly. The Contour Hinge consists of two pivot points incorporated into the carrier specifically designed to outline both the upper and lower body of the player. The Polycarbonate Abdomen Plate is practically free floating and adds no torque weight from the drum. It also has an extreme range of playing position options, regardless of the players height or drum size. The snare carrier also features a special patented free floating hinge that keeps the drum shell from experiencing any mechanical or sonic stress


  • Maple Shells
  • Aluminum Insert Ring
  • Chrome Plated Hardware
  • New Badge Design
  • Suspension Ring
  • Stabilizer Power Posts
  • Gravity Guards™

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