The Modern Concert Snare Drum Roll - Series: Meredith Music Resource - Softcover

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This book examines every aspect of the snare drum roll and provides resources and valuable knowledge for beginners, experienced musicians, and professionals regardless of their skill level. Through written explanations, diagrams, photographs, exercises and more, the snare drum roll will no longer be a mystery but a technique anyone can understand and master. The Modern Concert Snare Drum Roll is designed to provide teachers with an instructional resource and students a method for home practice.

In addition to numerous roll exercises, the following topics are covered: basic set up of the drum • release of the roll • transition back and forth from single strokes to the roll • metered versus unmetered rolls • dynamics • an entire section devoted to advanced exercises. Once these skills are mastered, performers will be able to execute the roll in virtually any musical setting.

Publisher: Meredith Music
Format: Softcover

Author: William James
Inventory #HL 00126463

ISBN: 9781574633962
UPC: 884088996017

Width: 9.0
Length: 12.0"

88 pages

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