Trust Your Ears - The Drum Tech Explorations of Jeff Ocheltree, Instructional Drum DVD

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Jeff Ocheltree transitioned from replaceable "roadie" to invaluable "drum tech" by being the first person to take complete care of all aspects of the drums, in the glory days of such legends as Bonham and Cobham. In his first instructional DVD, he discusses his experiences and teaches techniques valuable to drum techs and all drummers - with hands-on examples using nine different kits and nine drummers. Jeff also discusses the unique bronze drums he makes from recycled cymbals. As a special bonus, John Bonham's kit used in Zeppelin recordings appears on screen for the first time ever, and Bonzo's settings, tunings and mic placements are revealed! 60 minutes.  

The Drum Tech Explorations of Jeff Ocheltree 
Series: Instructional/Drum/DVD  
Publisher: Rittor Music 
Format: DVD 
Author : Jeff Ocheltree 
Inventory #HL 00320447 
Width: 5.25" 
Length: 7.5" Run Time: 1:00:00 

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