Dunlop - MXR M264 Fet Driver - Guitar Foot Pedal

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Featuring a unique circuit design, the MXR FET Driver captures the rich,creamy sound of an overdriven tube amplifier by cascading an op-ampgain stage into a FET stage. The FET Driver thickens up lead tones withmusical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility andinconsistency associated with tubes. 

The FET Driver features a simple but responsive set of controls. Setyour volume level with the Output control, and then use the Drivecontrol to dial in the grit, from subtle soft-clipping to early stagedistortion. Fine tune the FET Driver’s sound by tweaking Hi and Loboost/cut controls, and push the Hi Cut switch to roll off high endfrequencies when playing in high volume situations where excess noise isapparent. 

The FET Driver features true bypass switching and comes in a heavy duty metal housing that’s ready for the road.

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