No-Brainer: Play Ukulele - Book & DVD

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Open up your mind, and make playing ukulele a no-brainer! Start with basics, like holding your ukulele and strumming, and then move on to playing various styles such as folk, Hawaiian, rock, old-time, reggae, jazz, and more. Learn chords all over the neck, traditional strums such as the triple burst strum, and fingerpicking. The book includes a chord dictionary with over 950 chords, and a DVD with over 80 minutes of video demonstrating all the basics, and over 100 minutes of audio instruction. With No Brainer: Play Ukulele, you won't just learn to play ukulele, you'll learn about playing in a band.

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UPC: 038081458960

ISBN 10: 0739095358

ISBN 13: 9780739095355

Series: No-Brainer

Category: Ukulele Method or Supplement

Format: Book & DVD

Instrument: Ukulele

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