Ridenour - RE-5 - Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Ridenour - RE-5 - Clarinet Mouthpiece
Model RE mouthpieces have medium-large bores, medium-narrow chambers and straighter, flatter baffel than the RZ or RA style mouthpieces.  This chamber style gives the tone both power and concentration and is excellent for band playing. The RE plays well in tune  on most clarinets from between 440-442 Hz. The RE-5 is a very slight variation on the MT-36 facing and takes similar strength reeds.

Ridenour mouthpiece facings share certain common features. They are characterized by a perfect symmetry and are voiced by means of a seamless blending of the mouthpiece curve that creates the ideal relationship between response and the "cushioned feel" highly prized by serious clarinetists. Ridenour facings are super reed friendly and most players find many more reeds play well for them and that reed adjustment is simplified with Ridenour mouthpieces. 

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