Grover Pro Blocknock Woodblock Beater

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The Grover Pro BlocKnock™ expands the playability of wood blocks byallowing percussionists to produce the traditional woody “crack” of theblock with a hand or mallet. Created for percussionists who are calledon to play a multitude of instruments without consideration for stickchanges, the BlocKnock™ is also perfectly suited to show players (whosepit work requires musical multitasking) and hand drummers too!

Each BlocKnock™ quickly and easily fits onto any Grover Pro woodblock, and it can be removed for situations where it is not needed. Madefrom coated spring steel and hardwood, its features include anadjustable striking face with three positions to assure optimal soundproduction from any size Grover Pro wood block.

The BlocKnock™ is available either as a retrofit accessory or as a kit with a Grover Pro wood block.

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