Palmer Germany - P3EASY 3-Easy Amp Selector Foot-Switch

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Palmer 3EASY - the little brother of Palmer TRIAGE.

The 3EASY switches the input signal (e.g. of a guitar) between 3 outputs. The Amp Selector has all the outstanding features of the T-series. For increased dynamic response and headroom, it steps up the 9V power supply to approx. 30V. Switching is silent and instantaneous. This is achieved by processor controlled long-life microswitches while the actual footswitches serve as mechanical triggers only. Input and outputs are set to unity gain (1:1) while output is lo-Z to prevent signal loss in FX chains and long cable runs. Outputs 1 + 2 are floating and electrically isolated by a high quality transformer to eliminate ground loops. The ground loops often occurring between two coupled amplifiers are safely avoided. Most competitors sell this feature as an accessory only. Since guitars need to be grounded for proper shielding, output 3 is not isolated. When using this to connect a battery powered tuner, output 1 can also be grounded via a sliding switch. The discrete Class A FET input amplifier is similar to the input stage of a hi-Z tube amplifier.

Due to increased power consumption, the 3EASY is not battery operated. It comes without a wall plug since most pedal boards feature a 9V power supply. However, suitable power supplies can be obtained from Palmer.


  • Product type: switch
  • Type: amp switcher
  • Switching function: output switcher
  • Inputs: 1
  • Input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Input impedance: 1 M Ohm(s)
  • Outputs: 3
  • Output connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Output impedance: 1 k Ohm(s)
  • Transformer isolated outputs: yes
  • Display: channel number
  • Controls: 3 x footswitch, ground lift
  • Operating voltage: 9 V DC power supply
  • Power consumption: 60 m A
  • Cabinet material: sheet steel
  • Cabinet/Housing surface: powder coated
  • Width: 154 mm
  • Depth: 135 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Weight: 0,96 kg

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