Paiste PST5 Essential Set 14"/18" Essential Set

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Paiste PST 5 cymbals are affordable with never-before-possible sound quality and pro-level looks. Paiste employs modern, hi-tech production techniques that transfer the spirit and essence of 70 years of hand-manufacturing into premium-quality, musical cymbals.

For the manufacture of PST 5 cymbals, Paiste uses the same high-grade bronze alloy as in its professional class.


  • Paiste 18" Crash Ride Cymbal
  • Paiste 14" Hi-Hats Cymbals

Paiste Medium Hats
Warm, full. Fairly wide range, moderately complex mix. Even, responsive feel. Full, bright, open sound with a defined solid chick sound.

Paiste Crash/Ride Cymbal
Medium bright, full, energetic. Fairly wide range, fairly clean mix. Strong feel. Multipurpose cymbal with powerful crash and soft, mellow ride qualities.

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