Alfred's - Teach Yourself to Play Rock Guitar - Book & DVD

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Alfred's - Teach Yourself to Play Rock:

Learn to play rock guitarand open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with this excitingmethod from Alfred Music. Beginners of all ages can start their journeyto a lifetime of playing electric guitar. Beginning with thefundamentals, you will learn about various guitar types and the soundsthey create, how to care for your own guitar, and standard musicalnotation and TAB. You then move right along to playing licks andmelodies in the style of some of rock's greatest songs. You will learnnotes, chords, power chords, scales, and songs, lesson by lesson, allwhile increasing your knowledge of reading and understanding standardmusical notation and TAB. When you finish, you will be playing anauthentic arrangement of the main riffs from Led Zeppelin's "Good TimesBad Times."

The accompanying DVD provides over 2 hours of videoinstruction and over 160 performance and play-along MP3 tracks, to helpyou understand the concepts with more ease and efficiency. Be your ownteacher, and let Alfred Music be your resource every step of the way.

Series: Teach Yourself Series
Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Item: 00-42010
UPC: 038081464213
ISBN 10: 0739099507
ISBN 13: 9780739099506

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