Rhythm and Dictation: Student Edition

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Rhythm and Dictation comesfrom Mr. W's classroom to yours and only requires up to 5 minutes eachday for full benefit! One workbook suits all instrumental & vocalstudents. They will learn to count, understand rhythm patterns, andbecome confident rhythm readers. These rhythm skills translate toimproved playing and sight reading ability. 

Introduce Rhythm and Dictation intothe classroom when students understand quarter notes and rests, and cancount and sustain pulse in 4/4 time. This workbook progresses fromsimple quarter notes in 4/4 time to mixed meter, compound meter, 16thnotes, triplets, and syncopation. 

Rhythm and Dictation isalso set up for home use with free online dictation sound files thatcan be accessed through the Neil A. Kjos Music Company website. 

Rhythm and Dictation features48 weeks of writing and dictation exercises. Each week includes twocounting and rhythm writing exercises, followed by three dictationexercises. Melodic dictation lines are provided in the Teacher’s Editionand students write the rhythmic equivalent in their workbook. 

Rhythm and Dictation bringsresults! It gets the job done and because it only requires up to 5minutes each day, the majority of your class time can still focus on newmaterial, performance literature, and more.

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