Strings Attached - One Tough Teacher and the Gift of Great Expectations - Book

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If you're lucky, somewhere in your past is that one personwho changed your life forever. The one who pushed you to dream biggerand to reach higher, and who set you straight on what matters in life.For Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky, that person was apublic-school music teacher, Jerry Kupchynsky, known as Mr. K – aUkrainian-born taskmaster who yelled and stomped and screamed, and whodrove his students harder than anyone had ever driven them before.Through sheer force of will, he made them better than they had any rightto be. Strings Attached tells the inspiring, poignant, andpowerful story of this remarkable man, whose life seemed to conspireagainst him at every turn and yet who was able to transform his ownheartache into triumph for his students. Lyrically recounted by twoformer students – acclaimed journalist Joanne Lipman and Mr. K'sdaughter, Chicago Symphony Orchestra violinist Melanie Kupchynsky – Strings Attachedtakes you on a journey that spans from his days as a forced Nazilaborer and his later home life as a husband to an invalid wife, to hisheart-breaking search for his missing daughter, Melanie's sister. Thisis an unforgettable tale – a captivating narrative that is as absorbingas fiction – about the power of a great teacher, but also about thelegacy that remains long after the last note has faded into silence:lessons in resilience, excellence, and tough love.

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