Rolling Stones Gear All the Stones' Instruments from Stage to Studio - Book

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Rolling Stones Gear is the first book tohistorically document all of the Rolling Stones' musical equipment. It'salso the story of the Rolling Stones, but with a new twist: theirhistory as told through the instruments they used. This book covers notonly the group's personal background, but also every tour and studiosession from their inception in 1962 to date, with detaileddocumentation illustrating what instruments and equipment were usedduring these periods. Every song recorded by the band, including demosand out-takes are also documented, with input from within the Stones'ranks as well as from people who were involved with the band. Thislavishly illustrated book contains hundreds of photographs and rareimages, many of which have never been published, including the RollingStones' actual guitars and equipment, which were specially photographedfor this book and are seen here for the first time. Whether you are amusician, a Stones fan or just the casual reader, you will learn manynew facts about the band from their monumental fifty-year existence.

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