The Who: Tommy - Guitar TAB Book

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Telling the story of a deaf and blind boy, The Who's Tommymade history as the world's first true "rock opera." The album is notonly an expansive artistic success that set the bar for bands tocome---it's succeeded commercially as well, selling over 20 millioncopies. This album-matching folio contains authentic guitar TABtranscriptions of all the songs on the album, and is sure to please fansboth as sheet music and a collectible. Titles: Overture * It's a Boy *1921 * Amazing Journey * Sparks * Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker) *Christmas * Cousin Kevin * The Acid Queen * Underture * Do You ThinkIt's Alright? * Fiddle About * Pinball Wizard * There's a Doctor * Go tothe Mirror! * Tommy Can You Hear Me? * Smash the Mirror * Sensation *Miracle Cure * Sally Simpson * I'm Free * Welcome * Tommy's Holiday Camp* We're Not Gonna Take It

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