Mapex Mars 600 Series Hardware Pack W/ P600 Single Pedal - Blackplated

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The Mapex Mars Single Pedal Hardware Pack includes everything you need to hold your drums and cymbals. They're the perfect companion to a Mars shell pack, but there's no reason you can't use this hardware with any other drums! Mars hardware is lightweight and sturdy - a great gigging option for the pro, or a significant step up from entry-level equipment for the beginner.

P600 Single Pedal: this no-nonsense pedal includes a strong, smooth double chain drive, a solid steel base plate, and retractable floor spikes that dig in hard to carpeted surfaces when you play with severe attitude.

S600 Snare Stand: a multi-step snare basket tilter and die-cast snare basket adjuster let you position the snare anywhere you want it, while the clamp-style memory lock holds it at the perfect height and keeps it there for future gigs.

H600 Hi Hat Stand:
the direct pull chain-drive is strong and smooth, with variable tension adjustment to get the weight and feel just how you want it. Retractable floor spikes can be used in the case of really energetic, forceful footwork, and concave double-braced legs take up less room in your hardware bag when it's all folded up.

B600 Boom Cymbal Stands (x2):
knurled hideaway boom arms and concave double-braced legs help everything fit nice and neat inside your hardware bag.

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