Mapex Armory 800 Series Hardware Pack W/P800 Single Pedal - Blackplated

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Mapex's Single Pedal Armory Hardware Pack includes a full complement of stands and a single pedal, all of which are heavy-duty with features catered to the professional player. While obviously designed for the Armory drum set, these quality pieces of gear work just as well with any kit.

P800 Single Pedal: a strong, smooth double chain drive and an extended length footboard gives this pedal a buttery feel with plenty of room for advanced footwork. Both 10g and 20g Falcon Series beater heads are included, so you can change your power in an instant. The self-adjusting hoop clamp and side-mounted adjuster easily attach to any bass drum of any angle, while keeping the pedal nice and flat.

S800 Snare Stand: an offset multi-step snare basket tilter, combined with a universal ball-in-socket snare basket tilter, allow you to position the snare drum at virtually any angle. The die-cast snare basket adjuster let you position the snare anywhere you want it, while the clamp-style memory lock holds it at the perfect height and keeps it there for future gigs.

H800 Hi Hat Stand: the Tru-Direct-Pull drive system, with 10-Position Tension Adjustment, ensures an effortless feel at all tension settings. Double-braced swivel tripod legs keep the stand very stable while still allowing room for a double pedal. A steel base (detachable for packing up) makes the stand absolutely rock solid.

B800 Boom Cymbal Stands (x2): knurled hideaway boom arms and concave double-braced legs help everything fit nice and neat inside your hardware bag. Multi-step boom arms, fitted with Super-Glide stepless tilters, give you a huge range of positioning options. Falcon Series quick release cymbal locks eliminate the need for wingnuts, saving you precious time after the gig.

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