Tascam LA-40 MKIII Bi-Directional 4-Channel Line Amplifier, 4 RCA and XLR Inputs/Outputs

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The Tascam LA-40 MKIII has been primarily designed to provide matching capabilities between professional equipment and semi-professional or consumer equipment. It consists of four RCA inputs and outputs (–10 dBV, unbalanced) as well as four XLR inputs and outputs (+4 dBu/–20 dBu, balanced) which enable the user to connect for instance four tracks of a multitrack recorder (ins and outs) to a balanced mixer ensuring optimum level and impedance matching. Also, a switch matrix allows channels to be linked, utilizing the converter as a distribution amplifier for splitting signals to multiple recorders, or for multizone sound routing applications.

Switches on the bottom panel allow to select a nominal level of +4 dBu or –20 dBu for each channel and ±12 dB trim pots on the front panel make perfect level matching easy. LEDs on the front panel indicate signal presence for each channel. The LA-40 MKIII has also ground lift switches for each channel and a combined master switch to avoid ground loops.


  • 4 channels with unbalanced RCA inputs and balanced XLR outputs
  • 4 channels with balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA outputs
  • XLR nominal level selectable between +4 dBu and –20 dBu
  • Trim pots for each channel on front panel (±12 dB)
  • Signal LED for each channel
  • Ground lift switches for each channel and master switch
  • Distribution amplifier functionality: One mono input signal can be routed to all four output channels, or one stereo input signal can be routed to two channels each (RCA to XLR and XLR to RCA)
  • Internal power supply, no AC adapter needed
  • 1 U rack-mountable chassis

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