Pintech Visu-Lite 3-Cymbal Package w/ Controller & Cables

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VisuLite Cymbal package includes: 1-1602 16″ Dual Zone Chokable Crash, 1-1800RB 18″ Ride with Bell, and 1-1300HHC IMC Hi-Hat Pair with Controller, 2 Aquarian Cymbal Springs, 3 C10S, Stereo Cables and 1 C10, Mono Cable.

*Requires Hi Hat Stand, 2 Cymbal arms/stands and clamps which are not included.

1300HHC IMC single zone hi-hat pair that mounts on most traditional hi-hat stands. The controller is now integrated in between the top and bottom cymbals for these hi hats. Authentic acoustic looks and feel with cutting-edge electronic response! Plays just like an acoustic hi-hat. Mounts on standard hi-hat stand, ships with necessary C10, Mono cable and C10S, Stereo cable. (Shown set up on Hi Hat Stand, which is not included)
The VisuLite line was developed over 10 years ago and has since been known as the electronic cymbal that has come the closest to the look and feel of an acoustic cymbal. This was the first open and closing traditional style electronic set of Hi Hats on the market.
When we at Pintech saw the quality and care that goes into each cymbal we were thrilled to acquire the line and add it to the quality line of products that we produce.
This single zone cymbal works in any trigger input on all current modules. Visu-Lite Cymbals provide a natural feel in 12 color choices with superb tracking and sensitivity. They are the hardiest cymbal as they are formed from 1/4″ Acrylic. They also are weighted heavier than any of our other cymbal lines and are very solid.
Low stick noise when using the attached strike pads.
*Lifetime Limited Warranty requires that only wooden sticks are used.


  • 1/4″ Acrylic for a Heavier weight and more natural feel
  • Available in 12 color choices
  • Superb tracking and sensitivity
  • Models come in 8,10,12,13,14,16, and 18″ sizes
  • Splashes, crashes, rides, hi-hats, and chinas available
  • China looks, mounts, and responds like an acoustic china
  • Low stick noise when using optional strike pads pre-installed
  • Custom made and hand formed
  • American Made by Pintech
  • Compatible on Alesis, older Yamaha, Roland and most modules on the market. Requires a
  • modification to work on Yamaha so tell us that is what you will be using

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