Mono M80 Studio Stick Case

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Whether you need a stack of 5B’s to plow through your set or a range of sticks for versatility, the M80 Stick Bag keeps you armed and dangerous. A slim profile packing smart features, and rugged materials that feel as good as they look. Take it everywhere. You never know when your services might be needed.

With a zip-through design the M80 Stick Bag lays flat against the floor tom, keeping your sticks at arm’s reach. The outer pocket holds your wallet, keys and cell during play, and we’ve given the all-important drum key it’s own home for those on-the-fly adjustments.

Well, we dare you to try. We build our cases to military specs, using only high-test materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. So your gear rides first class while you launch an urban assault.

Holds about 10 pairs of sticks comfortably.

  • Outer Pocket: Wallet, keys, cell phone, felt washers? Check.
  • Drum Key Pocket: Your drum key lives here, easily accessible for quick adjustments during play.  Don't leave home without it.
  • "Ski Pole" Grip made with Wide Webbing Strap
  • Anti-Skip Zippers

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