Pintech - Acoustech Conversion, Convert Acoustic Drums to Electric

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Pintech has the solution for that drummer that simply does not want to give up the look and feel of his acoustic drum kit for the added versatility and control of electronics.  Like everything we do, it’s simple. Pintech can convert almost any acoustic drum set on the market.  The main requirement is an even number of lugs.  We take your kit and convert it to electronic using our standard single zone or dual zone AcousTech triggering system and Evans Mesh heads.  The average turnaround time in our drum shop is only two to five days.

So you can send in the extra acoustic kit you have laying around or you can purchase one just for this purpose.  If you decide you need to buy a kit to be converted be aware that we’ve made a special arrangement with Pearl to have any Pearl kit you may order shipped from their factory to ours.  This saves you on the shipping charges.

Add electronic cymbals, or stick with your acoustic ones, the choice is yours. 8 to 18 inch toms and 18 to 24 inch bass conversions with mesh drum heads available.

The Factory installed conversion is Covered by Pintech’s exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty

The converted kit pictured is A Pearl Tobacco Burst Session Studio SBX

AcousTech Conversion Package Includes:

  • 2 Mesh heads per drum for 5 total drums to be converted
  • Installation of Appropriate Bridge system for 5 drums
  • Custom measured installation of 5 Triggers and Foam
  • A custom spare replacement trigger for each drum
  • 5 Cables
  • Bass Head Saver
  • Snare Head Saver


AcousTech Conversion:

  • Uses most standard acoustic drum shells with an even number of lugs
  • Installed Triggers will work with mesh or acoustic heads
  • You choose the hardware you prefer
  • You choose the Cymbal package that suits your needs
  • Standard or custom configurations available
  • Triggers and Bridges are American Made by Pintech
  • Mesh Heads are American Made by Evans

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