Bongo Grooves for Beginners Volume 2 - DVD

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Volume 2 in the bestselling "Bongo Grooves for Beginners" series teaches21 new patterns that work with all kinds of music. Each pattern inthis hour-long video is taught step-by-step and shown in slow motion soyou'll never feel lost or confused. And each pattern is demonstratedfrom a player's-eye view, so you won't have to flip the image in yourhead to play along. The DVD also includes a PDF file with simple chartsof all the patterns. As an added feature, each lesson ends with yourteacher Al Dworsky playing one of the grooves with a guitarist(including Indie-award winner Dean Magraw). So whether you want to jamwith your friends or just play along with your favorite music, BongoGrooves will show you how.

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