The Fender Stratocaster - The Life and Times of the World's Greatest Guitar and Its Players - Hardcover

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Fender's Stratocaster is arguably the number one instrument icon of theguitar world. When introduced in 1954, its offset space-age lines,contoured body, and three-pickup configuration set the music world onits ear – it was truly unlike any guitar that had come before. In thehands of the world's most beloved players, the Stratocaster has sincebecome a popular weapon of choice among rock, blues, jazz, and countryplayers and, not coincidentally, is also one of the most copied electricguitars of all time. Here is the complete story of this legendaryguitar. Packed with more than 700 photos and memorabilia, plus profilesof the great Strat players, this book is the perfect tribute to theStratocaster. Dig in and feel the music.

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