Finale 2014 A Trailblazer Guide - Softcover

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Revised and updated for Finale 2014, this guide offers clear,step-by-step methods for creating beautiful scores with ease. Master theessentials and learn to take advantage of Finale's incredible power byfocusing on the tools you need and ignoring the ones you don't. Increaseproductivity: readers will find a concise overview of Finale'sframework followed by a guide to the everyday tricks and shortcuts thatmake using Finale a breeze. Learn from an expert: author Mark Johnsondraws from his many years of experience working with composers,educators, engravers and students, giving you the expert guidance youneed to get the very most out of Finale. In Finale 2014: A Trailblazer Guide, you will learn all about the latest Finale features and get the most out of the many improvements to Finale 2014.

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