Guitar Effects Pedals - The Practical Handbook - Softcover with CD

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Guitar Effects Pedals: The Practical Handbook opens up the worldof effects pedals, vintage and new alike, for the guitarist. In an easy,guitarist-friendly style, the book explores the history of differenteffects pedals, what each type of effect does and how it does it, thebest ways in which to use and combine your own effects, and how to makethe most of the pedals you own. It includes exclusive author interviewswith a dozen leading pedal makers and designers, plus a cover-mounted CDwith nearly 100 recorded sound samples of effects pedals, both popularand obscure. This updated edition includes the addition of profiles ofmore than 20 other contemporary makers, 50 percent more manufacturerinterviews, and revisions to the original text.

This is the onlybook on the market that includes all of these important elements in theexamination of effects pedals – a comprehensive history of the art;profiles on both vintage and contemporary (including “boutique”) units;and expert advice on all aspects of using these tools. For any seriousplayer interested in honing the perfect tone the right way, this is thego-to reference.

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