Manhasset - 3200-M Microphone Stand iPad Mount

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The MANHASSET® iPad Mount is changing the way musicians work and play by providing convenient music solutions for the Apple iPad. Works with professional software that transforms a MANHASSET® Mic Stand with standard 5/8-27 female microphone threads to a digital music stand – bringing music and technology together.  If you don’t have MANHASSET® mic stand that you can remove the desk for this purpose, you can purchase a MANHASSET® shaft and base only – and you are set.

The Mount’s spring-loaded arms grip the iPad firmly and securely, and our unique 360º rotation feature allows the user to switch quickly between landscape and portrait modes. The tilt mechanism permits one-handed adjustment of the iPad’s viewing angle. When used with the MANHASSET® shaft/base combination, the iPad can be positioned anywhere from 32” to 55” high (center of iPad).

Our high-quality products are manufactured in the USA and made of sturdy injection-molded thermoplastic, and covered by a one (1) year warranty.

Manhasset also provides a unit that attaches your iPad to the MANHASSET® Music  Stand (MS571 sold separately) or other mic stands with standard 5/8-27 female microphone threads.  Ask your MANHASSET® dealer about the iPad Holder that works with your microphone stand.


  • Fits the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • MANHASSET® music stand shaft/base combination. (Remove the desk from your MANHASSET® Music Stand, easily attach your iPad Mount, and you are ready to go.)
  • Spring-loaded arms
  • 360º rotation
  • One-handed adjustment
  • Made in USA

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