Guitar World: Mastering Fretboard Harmony, Part Two - DVD

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The Ultimate DVD Guide -- Over 3 Hours of Intense Music Theory for the Guitar

Featuring more than three hours of video instruction, this extended master class picks up where Mastering Fretboard Harmony left off, delving deeper into the immense realm of music theory and harmonic principles as practiced in Western music. Instructor Jimmy Brown thoroughly discusses a broad range of harmony-related topics for intermediate to advanced players. He reveals the inner workings of the symmetrical diminished and augmented scales, explores hexatonic scale harmony, explains the chord-scale relationships that exist within the harmonic and melodic minor scales, and demonstrates their most interesting applications, particularly for soloing over exotic chords. As a bonus, Mastering Fretboard Harmony Part 2 comes with a 54-page digital TAB booklet that features 294 examples.

Item: 56-37050
UPC: 038081409993
ISBN 10: 0739076736
ISBN 13: 9780739076736
Series: Guitar World
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Level: Intermediate

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