Rock Drum Fills - DVD - TAB

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In this DVD, drummer Mansaku Kimura demonstrates over 230 fills for rock, funk, blues and Latin styles of drumming. Each of these fills is demonstrated within the context of a song in order for you to hear and better understand how it fits into the groove. You'll learn fills for: straight eighth beats, bounce eighth beats, straight sixteenth beats, bounce sixteenth beats, triplets, bossa nova, samba, three-beat bounce, five-beat rock, and seven-beat rock. Additionally, Mansaku uses two live performances by his band, PRISM, to demonstrate many of these fills in a real musical setting. A variety of camera angles enables you to see precisely how each fill is performed, and a .pdf of a music booklet notating each song with the fills highlighted is on the disc. 57 min.

Series: DVD
Publisher: Rittor Music
Format: DVD - TAB
Composer: Mansaku Kimura
Inventory #HL 00321006
ISBN: 9781423495871
UPC: 884088512583
Width: 5.25"
Length: 7.5"
Run Time: 0:57:00

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