Ableton Grooves - Programming Basic and Advanced Grooves with Ableton Live - Softcover with DVD-ROM

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Ableton Grooves will empower you to create realistic-soundingdrum grooves using Ableton Live and the Ableton Grooves Drum Racks –specifically created for this book by certified Ableton Live trainerJosh Bess. Each groove is written using MIDI Maps, an original andpowerful programming concept introduced for the first time in this book.With MIDI Maps and the MIDI Note Editor, you'll learn not only how toread the exercises but also how to use them to develop your own creativeand musical grooves. Bess presents musical notation alongside the MIDIMaps so that you can understand both the technological and musical sidesof what you're learning and creating.

Ableton Groovesteaches much more than how to map out beats and grooves! It demonstratesconcepts that become stepping-stones to a new way of thinking andcreating while introducing diverse groove styles. Tips and hintsthroughout the book and accompanying DVD-ROM reveal several ways you cancreate something new for yourself.

This book demonstrates how toprogram many groove styles, while presenting several techniques thatadd important musical feel and emotion. Included are over 80 standardand diverse dance, rock, metal, funk, R&B, jazz, Latin, and hybriddrum set grooves.

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