Power Tools for Cubase 7 - Master Steinberg's Power Multi-platform Audio Production Software - Softcover with DVD-ROM

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Cubase is a program that transforms your computer into a completerecording studio. It creates every button, knob, switch, and fader foundin a hardware-based studio, including a few components that don't existin that realm. Cubase 7 provides virtually unlimited tracks formusicians, producers, and music enthusiasts alike, limited only by thepower of the host computer. But with all that power and all of theoptions that it provides, the processes of composing, recording,editing, mixing, and mastering can be challenging.

Power Tools for Cubase 7was written with the new user in mind. First, you'll learn the processof installation and proper studio configuration. Next, you'll learn thefoundations of rudimentary Cubase operations; how to avoid commonmistakes; how to properly record and edit MIDI, instrument, and audiotracks; and how to use techniques that produce smoothly polishedresults. Finally, you'll learn how to add mastering treatments for apunchy, shiny, and loud mix that will compete with the pros. In the end,you might know the project was mixed and mastered in your home, but noone else has to.

The included DVD-ROM contains valuable video content that adds insight and power to the text and illustrations.

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