Elvis Music FAQ - All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works - Softcover

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Why is Elvis Presley's body of recorded work still so relevant nearly 60 years after he began recording? Elvis Music FAQ is for anyone who has been inspired by an Elvis Presley record. Following in the tradition of the FAQ series, in Elvis Music FAQ, a lot of rare information is woven together in one concise, entertaining package.

Thereare chapters about every year of Elvis's career, including a look athis pioneering original record label Sun; insight on his management; thecontinued importance of television in his career; a summation of eachPresley concert tour; the inside scoop about the role Elvis's bandmembers and songwriters played in his sound; stories about the amusingmusical oddities created by those trying to ride on the Elvis successtrain; details about the contentious role drugs played in his career;and, finally, a full review of every record the King ever issued.

Onemight say that the only truths about Elvis Presley can be found in thegrooves of his records, where his natural talent and passion for musiccomes through always. Elvis Music FAQ aims to be the oneessential companion that explains the reason why the voice heard overthe speakers still carries such resonance. Dozens of rare imagesaccompany this engaging text.

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